Teeth whitening for cosmetic purposes has a rich history spanning thousands of years. It stands out as one of the most impactful methods to enhance the aesthetics of your natural smile, requiring no alteration to the structure or reconstruction of your natural enamel. While treatments like composite bonding modify the enamel's structure, shape, and shade, there are instances where a straightforward professional teeth whitening treatment is sufficient to achieve the desired smile. For individuals seeking an additional radiance to their smiles, cosmetic teeth whitening yields long-lasting and stunning results, making it an ideal choice for those not entirely satisfied with their current smiles.


At Dr Haroon Ismail, we elevate the experience of cosmetic dental care, particularly in treatments like teeth whitening. Our team of accomplished dentists designs personalized whitening procedures, seamlessly blending in-office sessions at our upscale practice with convenient at-home follow-ups, ensuring a comprehensive approach to achieving radiant smiles for our patients.

To commence your smile transformation, you'll embark on a consultation at our dental practice. Here, your smile journey commences as you articulate your expectations to your dentist, who will then craft a customized smile package tailored to your needs. Subsequently, our hygiene therapists will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your oral health. Upon receiving a clean bill of oral health, we proceed to craft personalized whitening trays, marking the initiation of your cosmetic teeth whitening treatment.

In contrast to store-bought or over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments, our cosmetic teeth whitening procedures prioritize the safety of your teeth. Many DIY kits on the market contain potentially harmful levels of whitening chemicals that can permanently erode your teeth's natural enamel. This erosion can result in heightened sensitivity and, over time, contribute to yellowing as the inner dentine layers become more prominent. Unlike these risks, our treatments are designed to be gentle yet effective, ensuring a safe and lasting enhancement to your smile without compromising your dental health.

Achieving a brighter smile through cosmetic teeth whitening is a straightforward and effortless process at Dr Haroon Ismail. With our streamlined approach, you can anticipate remarkable results within just a few weeks.


Cosmetic teeth whitening empowers you to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your smile. As one of our most distinctive assets, a consistently bright and healthy smile is integral to both looking and feeling your best. Here are several additional advantages of cosmetic teeth whitening:


The appeal of cosmetic teeth whitening lies not only in its visibly transformative results but also in the relatively short timeframe in which they can be attained. While it's advisable to continue the treatment for a minimum of 4 weeks, you'll start noticing positive changes within this period that will significantly enhance your smile. Upon completion of the treatment, you can revel in the benefits of a brighter, whiter smile that lasts for an extended duration!


The link between whiter teeth and perceived dental health is a common association. However, maintaining this association can be challenging, especially if you consume coffee regularly. Cosmetic teeth whitening provides a solution by imparting the appearance of healthier teeth through a single treatment course. A brighter smile not only enhances your confidence but also reflects a healthier overall image. Skeptical? Explore our smile gallery to witness the remarkable before-and-after results for yourself!


Tooth discoloration can easily dent our confidence. Everyone deserves to proudly showcase their smiles, and that's why cosmetic teeth whitening is an ideal solution for boosting confidence.


In contrast to inexpensive DIY whitening kits available online, cosmetic teeth whitening at Dr Haroon Ismail ensures professional and enduring results without compromising your dental health. Our professional approach can achieve results up to a B1 shade, and customization allows for flexibility based on your desired final outcome.


Patients opt for cosmetic teeth whitening for various reasons. For those dealing with teeth staining, this treatment proves highly effective in eliminating the visible signs of discoloration and enhancing the overall color of the tooth's surface.

Staining affects us all to varying degrees, ranging from subtle and barely noticeable to more severe discoloration. Our dietary choices, such as consuming significant amounts of coffee and red wine, along with smoking, contribute to this staining. While using a straw can help minimize the effects of beverages that stain teeth, patients intending to continue smoking post-whitening treatments should anticipate a faster fading of their whitening results compared to the average expectancy.

Moreover, individuals often contemplate cosmetic teeth whitening as a means to enhance the visual appeal of their smiles. This method is notably low-maintenance and does not necessitate any permanent alterations to the natural enamel to achieve the desired results, contributing to its widespread popularity.

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Contemplating professional teeth whitening? The journey towards a brighter smile commences with an initial consultation. During this session, you and the dental team will delve into your expectations and explore various teeth whitening options. Upon confirmation, a comprehensive oral health examination is scheduled with the dental hygienist to ensure your eligibility for cosmetic teeth whitening.

Assuming your oral health meets the criteria, we proceed to tailor whitening trays and cosmetic teeth whitening solutions for you. These trays are worn for a few hours either at night while you sleep or during the day, depending on any restrictions. For optimal results, it is recommended to wear the trays for 4 weeks, a timeframe that will be discussed with your dentist. After this period, you are free to revel in your newly transformed, bright, and beautiful teeth. Your journey to a radiant smile is as simple as that!

Dr Haroon Ismailprovides flexible payment plans for cosmetic teeth whitening starting at £78 per month. During the initial consultation, our dentists assess the level of service needed for your cosmetic teeth whitening, enabling a more precise cost estimation for the treatment. For an accurate understanding of the cost of cosmetic teeth whitening at Dr Haroon Ismail, please reach out to us to schedule a consultation.

Indeed, teeth whitening trays are a secure option and shouldn’t raise concerns for individuals contemplating cosmetic teeth whitening. The sole potential side effect may be temporary sensitivity experienced after removing the trays. Importantly, this sensitivity is not painful and is only temporary, resolving once the prescribed tray regimen is completed.

In contrast to inexpensive, do-it-yourself (DIY) whitening kits available for home use, professional teeth whitening trays are notably safe. DIY home kits typically contain a mere 0.1% of hydrogen peroxide. The results achieved with these kits are not comparable to those obtained at the dentist, and there is a heightened risk of causing damage to your teeth and enamel. Home kits incorporate a significantly lower percentage of hydrogen peroxide compared to those prescribed by a dentist, as a precaution against the potential harm or irritation to the gums and mouth. Prioritizing the health and safety of your teeth is paramount and should be maintained by avoiding the use of home kits with higher concentrations.

We recommend that you keep your cosmetic teeth whitening trays and Invisalign trays separate. Using the two treatments together can cause damage to the retainers, as Invisalign trays are not designed to contain whitening treatments. Although it may seem like a good way to combine the two treatments, we recommend against this and suggest that, once your Invisalign treatment is complete, this is when you consider starting cosmetic teeth whitening treatment.

The teeth whitening gel operates by slowly penetrating the tooth enamel over a designated period. This process disperses the color in the dental enamel, resulting in a whiter and brighter appearance. The quantity of teeth whitening solution to be used will be thoroughly discussed during your appointment with your dentist, ensuring a personalized approach based on your specific needs and desired results.